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  1. Do you like the sidebar poll?
  2. How's Your CPU Cooled?
  3. How Often Do You Upgrade Your PC?
  4. GMail - All you thought it would be?
  5. Favorite MB Company?
  6. Favorite Memory Manufacturer?
  7. What kind of news do you want?
  8. Favorite Processor?
  9. Favorite Networking Company?
  10. Favorite Online Reseller?
  11. Internet Connection Type?
  12. Should EOC offer BIOS flashing services?
  13. Intel & EMT64
  14. Should Jason Have A Blog?
  15. How often do you visit this forum?
  16. Which search engine do you use the most?
  17. Mouse Pad Preference
  18. What do you plan on upgrading this holiday season?
  19. What Power State Do You Leave Your PC?
  20. What monitor resolution do you use?
  21. Who Will Win The Super Bowl?
  22. Your primary PC is mainly used for...
  23. How many PCs are used in your home?
  24. I find the members here...
  25. Your first PCs operating system...
  26. Favorite Performance Memory
  27. The 64-bit app I most want is...
  28. Which A64 core do you plan on purchasing?
  29. Purchasing Music Online...
  30. What next-gen video card are you going to buy?
  31. Which are you most worried about for your PC?
  32. Windows Vista - eta 2006
  33. Own a CD or DVD Burner?
  34. Have you bought any Rosewill brand products?
  35. What OS Does Your Primary PC Run?
  36. Blu-Ray or HD-DVD / Which do you think will win out?
  37. Which Conroe Processor Are You Planning To Buy?
  38. Home Networking Technologies That You Use
  39. Wikipedia using 'nofollow' tags to foil spammers - what do you think?
  40. Do you like the new (old) sidebar poll?
  41. Are You Running Windows Vista Yet?
  42. How Much RAM Is In Your Main PC?
  43. Social News / Bookmark Sites
  44. Do Video Games Promote Violent Behavior?
  45. Do you use IPv6 yet?
  46. What do you think is the best classic war movie?
  47. The New iPhone From Apple - June 29th
  48. Do you backup your data?
  49. What brand printers do you use?
  50. Which do you want more?
  51. Is DDR3 Worth It?
  52. Has Firefox Become Bloated?
  53. Which do you think is the best technology advancement?
  54. Will you upgrade to the Intel Core i7 "Nehalem"?
  55. Phenom II - Which socket do you plan on using?
  56. What's your opinion of the Phenom IIs?
  57. What is your BIOS flashing method?
  58. Upgrading to Windows 7?
  59. Holiday Shopping 2009
  60. Hard Drive Configuration?
  61. What are you running?
  62. Favorite Router Brand?
  63. Were you impressed by Black Friday deals?
  64. Will you upgrade to Intel "Ivy Bridge"?
  65. Are you running an SSD? If so is it in RAID?
  66. Will you be upgrading to Haswell?