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Please Read COMPLETELY Before Proceeding

Thank you for deciding to register with the EXTREME Overclocking Forums! Registration to this forum is completely free and only takes a couple minutes! We hope that you find the forums a friendly and helpful place, and enjoy your stay. Unfortunately due to some unscrupulous characters on the Internet we have a rather lengthy AUP. Please do not be deterred by the long list of information it contains, 99% of it is common sense, however we do ask that you read over it to protect your interests and ours.

By using the EXTREME Overclocking Forums (the "Forums"), you ("You") accept and agree to be bound by the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) as well as these additional terms and conditions. These terms are enforceable under various US Federal Laws & International Laws.

You agree that You are responsible for your own conduct and content while using this site and for any consequences thereof.

To reiterate a very important part in the AUP about Unsolicited Advertising / SPAM:

We do not allow unsolicited advertising of any kind on this site! Under US Federal Law: USC 47.5.II.227 we will seek compensation for damages of no less than $500 USD per post. Texas Penal Code 33.02(a) and Texas Civil Practice & Remedies Code - Chapter 143 also consider this act as a felony. Any additional fees from hiring a collection agency and / or legal council will be paid by You.

Members found posting any unsolicited advertisements will be banned, their posts deleted, their IP(s) blocked, their URLs censored, and all relevant information given to the respective hosting companies and / or ISPs, and possibly local and / or federal law enforcement.

If You agree to these terms and conditions, please check the checkbox below and press the 'Register' button. If you do not agree to these terms and conditions you must cancel the registration process, click here to return to the forums index or simply close your browser.

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