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Originally Posted by SCOLANATOR View Post
Nice temps and 18*C? Won't that cause problems with condensation or have you got that covered?
No condensation. I use a controller (well 2 in this case) that monitor dew point and will raise the temps if needed.

I see but ITX, is there really a need the thing is tiny!
I guess its personal preference. I like my temps a little cooler than most I suppose.

Would you recommend TEC's? I looked at these a while back i.e. sandwiching one between my water block and CPU
I only recommend doing this on a cpu thats total tdp is under 150w (ie the sandy bridge oc'd under about 4.6ghz). Then only expect about 10-15c below water temps under 100% cpu load.

Again its just a personal preference, but for the price of a silver waterblock I can have one that can actually go below ambient.
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