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It is Never Enough.
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setting up bigadv?

How to delete thread?

~Entropy Unveiled~
CPU: intel i7-930 @ 4.23 (21* 203) 1.30 vCore
RAM: OCZ XMP 6gb DDR3 @ 1660 mHz 1.66V
MOBO: Asus P6T Deluxe
HD0 : Operating System: 2 x OCZ Vertex 60gb RAID[0]
HD1 : Storage: 2xSamsung Spinpoint F1 1tb RAID[0]
HD2: Backup: 2x WD 500 gb recycled drives RAID[1]
GPU: 2x BFG 9800GX2, EVGA 8800GT Suporclocked (1890shader stable)
H20: Feser X360, HeatKiller Rev 3.0, MCP-665 B, Swifttech Micro Res, TRUE Silver Fittings, Tygon UV Blue

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