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I been abit bussy with resurecting an old project, atleast partially.

The result is kind of an extended console 'wrapper' which works with services as well. My main thread is on the folding forums, but I wanted to know if there were people here who could use it and/or give pointers on what to add or what to change if needed.

Link to folding forum thread

3 Images ->

Extended console ->

Tray menu image ->

Configuration GUI ( the same as in maxFah, just now you can actually use it ).

( note that it's reading settings and the field will become editable when it's done ).

Drop in the client location of any console client, execute and submit bug reports Or not

Tested on Win7 x64 6.30smp and gpu2 console's, let me know where it does work as well giving suggestions and bugreports.

Happy folding.

Edit: removed dropbox link, project hosted on google code

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