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Rearranged my audio/monitor setup - Need some questions answered

Hey guys,

I just upgraded from 2x 23" TN Panels to 2x 23" IPS panels, which caused me to rearrange how I hooked everything up. Before, I ran one monitor through DVI and one through HDMI (to my AV receiver and then to my monitor). Now I am running both through DVI and running audio from my onboard Toslink (optical) to my receiver.

Currently, my issue lies with getting everything configured the way that I want/need it. Before, while running through HDMI, I was able to configure (through the sound control panel) my output to constantly be in 5.1. This led a stereo noise (such as music) to be played through only my R/L speakers and all speakers to be used when I gamed/played movies.

What is happening now, is that I cannot select the same 5.1 output now that I am using the realtek drivers/onboard sound. Surround sound works fine when I am playing an HD movie, but doesn't work when I play games. Additionally, stereo music is being split across my front three speakers (something that is incredibly annoying).

Just wondering if anybody had any insight into this. Thanks.
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