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Old 04-13-2012, 06:58 PM   #1
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Swiftech® introduces new Lok-Seal™ brand of compression fittings

We are proud to announce the release of our new line of fittings marketed under the Lok-Seal™ brand. The product line is quite comprehensive and comprises compression fittings offered in the most popular sizes, various adapters such as elbows, adjustable SLI/Crossfire connectors, extensions and manifolds. The different models are available in two colors, black and chrome.

The primary design concern of the product line was safety and all the fittings feature a combination of hex nuts and finger grips, so that users can use standard tools to safely Lock their fittings in place for a durable Seal, thus the brand: Lok-Seal. “These fittings are the fruit of a long and careful reflection about the issue of safety versus cosmetics in liquid cooled computers, and we are emphasizing safety not only by design, but thru user education by publishing a precise how-to guide on each product page. Being a performance oriented company, you wil not be surprised that we claimed these fittings to be “perhaps the least restrictive fittings on the market” in a white paper published on the opportunity of this launch. Pricing is also set competitively with other offerings on the market.
Product Page
White Paper
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They sure do look pretty. Are these the same ones on the eVGA Hydro Block?
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product page link is broken, should be this
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the look nice!
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Those are actually pretty nice lookin, makes me almost wanna go water cooling. Maybe in my next build, we shall see.
Old 04-13-2012, 10:36 PM   #6
ambient water-cooling
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Thanks Gabe for posting. They look nice and the white paper sounds promising.

Unfortunately no love yet for 7/16" ID, 5/8" OD tubing or I would buy two.

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Old 04-14-2012, 12:54 AM   #7
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These look great - definitely considering these for my new setup.

Additional Comment:

As an afterthought, do you have an official recommendation of the amount of torque that should be put on these - in case we actually have a proper torque wrench? Thanks Gabe!

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Originally Posted by musicfan View Post
Unfortunately no love yet for 7/16" ID, 5/8" OD tubing or I would buy two.
im in love with the same tubing... perfect marriage of bend and thickness... bitspower for me....
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If I had a warranty..
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Those do look awesome and are well thought out to bad there is no 7/16 id, 5/8 od fittings.
I guess until you guys come out with that size I will stick it my xspc fittings since I can use a coin to tighten the barb portion.
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They look basically the same as the Koolance, Bitspower, XSPC, Enzotech compression fittings that have been out for years. Advantage is they add flat hex edges so you can use a wrench. Disadvantage is they will already not look as good and the edges of the flats will still get worn to the brass.

Altogether a lot of marketing to mask something that is really already on the market, which already do come in odd sizes, shapes, colors and metals. Swiftech puts out good products, though, so I am sure they are decent, I just would not pay a premium for them.

Happy with my true silver Bitspower fittings. With distilled water, brass rads, silver fittings and PT Nuke, water still looks clear after 9 months.
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