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Good mockup candidate for 560TI (Clone)

I'm getting ready to start an epic scratch-build, and not one based on any existing case, but one I do from total scratch and got lucky enough to find a broken version on my motherboard online for under $30 to use during the construction and got to thinking about doing the same for my Video cards.

I am using watercooled 560Ti's in SLi, would a 460 GTX physically serve as a stand-in for the 560ti? There are several avail on ebay now and if I had one, I could use to make some wooden mockups if I didn't have but one.

Like I said this will be an epic build and having full-sized mockups for my components will help a ton.

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Find your card's dimensions and then look up whatever card you want to buy on Newegg to see if the dimensions match.
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