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Old 04-27-2012, 05:08 AM   #1
its world up there
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24GB of DDR3 Asus rampage II

I was just wonder what happend if I upgrade from 6GB ram to 24GB, I do using PC for playing games like COH, Total war, COD, BF3, ect.

durring the game play I can see that I am using about the 4.5GB of RAM (total ram 6GB)

before I had 3GB of RAM and I was using 2.5GB of RAM

now I am thinking to upgrade ram to 24GB to thinking more you give more PC uses??? from my experience I had it should work that way.

so if I upgrade the RAM to 24GB then I should use durring the game play at least 10GB? maybe more? that means the PC should work much faster

just thinking
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Old 04-27-2012, 08:40 AM   #2
Extreme Overclocker
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I have heard to game you dont really need more then 6 gb and you over like 8 gb is really only for rendering in like solid works or 3d in photoshop. But, I would assume that as time goes on that games are going to use more ram as time goes on so if you want to future proof yourself go with 24. But who knows new ram will prob be coming out in a few years any ways. My opinion if you do no rendering or modeling stick with what you have or get 8 or even 12 but for just games 24 is over kill. Go get an SSD or a AIO water cooler if you dont like the v8
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Old 04-27-2012, 09:14 AM   #3
fo mo yeers
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If your MOBO will handle it, do it!!! RAMDisk FTW!
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Old 04-27-2012, 04:50 PM   #4
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I used to have that motherboard a while back. I am fairly certain it can handle 24GB. If you download SIW, it can tell you with certainty in the motherboard tab.

RAM doesn't cost anything these days. If you work with large files a lot, I strongly recommend getting a lot of RAM for the purposes of running a RAMdisk, as maxgull mentioned. Another option, which I like, is to install a game (in my case LoL / Skyrim) on the RAMdisk and watch yourself load in a fraction of the time everyone else is loading. Very fun.

so if I upgrade the RAM to 24GB then I should use durring the game play at least 10GB?
No, most likely not (it doesn't scale linearly). The reason why you were using less RAM when you had less RAM was probably because of more page file usage by the OS to prevent the RAM filling completely. However, with anything over 8GB RAM I doubt you would see a difference, since you wouldn't be close to filling the RAM. If you decide to use a RAMdisk, though, of say 8GB, you would of course be using more RAM, but you wouldn't be using it as traditional RAM, if you catch my drift.

that means the PC should work much faster
This is true, though. The less the page file is used, the better. I have taken to disabling it completely, I found it pesky. However, in terms of performance, faster RAM is better than more RAM, assuming you already have sufficient (6GB or more). Again, that is unless you plan to run a RAMDisk.
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