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Old 04-23-2012, 11:28 AM   #1
Liebe Ist Fr Alle Da
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Looking for a tablet that would be good for drawing

My sister just got an iPad, and my mom wants a tablet now too, but she wants one that would be good for drawing also. Something with pressure sensitivity is the main thing I'm looking for. I have a good idea of tablets that are out, but what one would be good to draw with? She doesn't want to spend more than $1000, which I think is plenty for a decent tablet.

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The Folding Pylon
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SketchBook ( an iPad drawing app ) is available for Android tablets. I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1" tablet and drawing with just your finger is pretty accurate.

You can get the 10.1" Galaxy Tab for around $500 for the 32GB version and WiFi. Throw in an extra $200 for the accessories, including a decent drawing stylus for around $30. There are loads of drawing / artist apps in the Android Market for free or under $5. Picasso is free and the Pro version of SketchBook is $5.

I bought the dock, the USB adapter, a bag, a folio case, a good stylus, a car charger, and a USB 3 hub all for under $200. The USB hub should be powered and I'm able to attach USB thumb drives, a Think Outside USB keyboard, Logitech M200 USB mouse, and one other USB device to the hub. You can even attach external USB HDD's to it but the tablet has to be rooted to gain access to the built-in driver to set it up -- mainly installing software that allows reading of NTFS on BIG drives. I also have a Linksys USB Ethernet dongle that works on my rooted tablet. Haven't messed with the Bluetooth yet. I have a Dell-branded Think Outside BT keyboard but haven't messed with that yet since I like my older USB keyboard better.
Old 05-07-2012, 10:36 AM   #3
Is Dead Tired
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Best Bang for Buck right now is the new ASUS Transformer TF300 - its the same as the Prime however its a little thicker/heavier however it has a fully function GPS (which the Prime doesn't) - all for the bargain price of about $369.
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RCH flight
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I second DC ^
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k |{z
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i don't believe there are many (if any) good pressure sensitive tablets out there.

the new ipad is great though with its really high resolution and large 10" screen. just buy a stylus and the autodesk sketchbook pro app and you're set
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