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Running System Stock
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Can someone help me with my ASUS M5A97 EVO'S bios

I need help overclocking my 960t and i have no clue how to use this new bios they have, its too the point im ready to get out the sledgehammer and destroy this **** thing. I was using a cheap M5A78L-M LX board with my 960 and was running 4.3 24/7 for months without even turning it off, not i can only run at stock and its killing me!!!!!!!!!!
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Well, unless you find a write up on that board to explain what is different than most other BIOSs. You will have to just figure out bits at a time. (took a quick look at your board) Try to find the "advanced mode" it looks like a normal BIOS screen to me, from ASUS's site.
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