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Thunderbird users in here please

Got a couple questions about their seemingly antiquated message deletion and spam handling. How come when you label an emal as junk, it doesn't delete it and gives you no indication that it even cares?

And why is there no easy, up top button to delete messages with? I like yahoo and google's ways of just highlighting a message, and hitting the spam button. In one swoop it gets it out of your inbox, and lets you know that you won't be hearing from those spammers again by doing so. Thunderbird will just leave the garbage in your inbox seemingly.. indefinitely.

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Right click up where you would like the delete button and click on customize toolbar or something. Then you can add Delete and Archive there.
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Mark the messages as junk by clicking in between the date & sender, then go to tools & click on "Delete messages marked as junk in folder".
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