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Corel VideoStudio Pro X5

Ok folks, maybe those of you who use this can help me out a bit. I'm going to use this to obviously edit videos later on, but I was trying to screen cap a little Modern Warfare 3 gameplay with it and I couldn't get it to capture and I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with it.

First off, I'm running a single monitor at the moment. That might be an issue. But, I know I can alt+tab out of MW3 and select it as my capture point and start recording. Sadly, all I get is a black screen in my video. It's capturing the audio though, so I know it's working...kind of. I plan on getting a second monitor or TV soon and hope that it will give me the option of what monitor/tv to record instead.

Has anyone ever tried this? Hopefully this thread makes sense.

Additional Comment:

Well, an easy solution to my own problem was to use FRAPS.
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