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3rd party camer driver for old cam?

I have a old intel camera pro from back in the W98 days and it works on windows 7 to a degree. I found a motion detection app to use with it that works great but the camera's resolution and quality are very low. The driver it's using is as basic as itt gets and i can't adjust the quality or resolution either in windows via the camera's properties or the application. the app has a button to take you to the camera's framerate and res and all that, but it crashes if i click it because the camera driver doesn't support anything but this tiny res and quality. Does anyone know of a 3rd party generic type of camera driver that will allow me to adjust it, or any other ideas that might help me do this?
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I doubt there is anything out there that you are looking for - drivers almost exclusively only come from the manufacturer, and if they discontinue support for the device you're most probably gonna be SOL. Also it is not possible to have a generic camera driver like you would have a generic usb driver, because there are so many different devices, each device type will have to be listed in the driver and instructions on how to talk with that device will have to be there as well.
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