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At my wits end with my printer

I have done some network changes since I last used it. I
could not get it to connect wirelessly.

I thought no big deal and uninstalled all the software I
could find with Revo uninstaller in advanced mode. Popped in
the disk, and right off the bat I got a newer version of MP
drivers all ready installed, and will not be installed. and
I go through all the steps and the printer seems to install.
The scanner how ever does not. ( I need the scanner. ) I can
not detect the printer on the network to get it to function
wirelessly. I also get the drivers failed to install message
from windows.

So I uninstalled every thing again with Revo, and then went
through with usboblivion 32. I also used Slimware Utilities
and a stand alone registry cleaner , to weed out any strays.
Restarted my system. I tried a 3rd time with no luck. Google
is not turning up anything useful.

Here is a link to my printer: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/pri... [canon.com]

I am running Windows 7 X64 on a Dell XPS 420 desktop with a
Q6600 2.4 gig Intel processor with 4 gigs of ram.

Anyone have any helpful suggestions, besides buying a new
printer. I do not want to end up reinstalling windows if I
can avoid it.

Additional Comment:

OK This is fixed. It was a driver issue. I was being told that a newer driver was already installed and installation of the drivers on the disk would be skipped. OK no big deal.

Today with a some what clear head I installed from the disk, went to Canon's website, chose my printer, downloaded the drivers, installed them. I now had complete functionality of the all-in-one unit.

I went back to the disk and got the same message about the drivers, and continued with the install. This time the computer saw the printer from / via the USB cable and I was able to get the install of the wireless portion done.

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