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Intel Ivy Bridge Engineering Sample OC, Help?

Ok so here goes, im new to the forum, and i dont know much about this stuff, but i have acquired an Intel Genuine Ivy Bridge processor, i was told it was a downclocked 3770, but i have no way to be sure what it actually is. Its clock speed is 2.2 idle and 2.5 using turbo boost. Under load the temp for this chip is never above 40-45 C.

The guy i bought it from said he had it stable at 4 ghz, however when i go to overclock it the multiplier only goes up to x26. So does that mean the max i can overclock this chip is 2.6 GHZ?

I want to say the chip does everything i need it to right now, and i realistically dont NEED to OC it, but i would really like to. I have an ASrock Extreme4 Mobo and a GTX 560TI 448, 8 gig memory (only 1300mhz). I ran 3d mark11 and the score was only 6150 or something, i have seen people with similar systems but with higher clocked processors get almost twice that score.

Anyways i guess all that to ask if anyone has any ideas on how i can get the most out of this processor? Especially with it being a ES and not the norm.

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Post up some more information about your rig. Including which heatsink your using, power supply model, RAM model, and also take a screenshot of CPU-Z and post it up so we can see how it identifies the chip.


If the multiplier is locked its going to require some tweaking to overclock it but your motherboard should be able to push it a bit and you will likely be limited by other factors like cooling if it gets too hot.

Multiplier overclocking isn't the only way to overclock, its just the most simple.
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If it's a non-k, you're pretty much screwed. You'll get, at best, 2782mhz out of it, and that's assuming nothing else decides it doesn't like the extra frequency.
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