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Linux grub problems and grahpics driver install help

Hi all. I have installed Zorin Linux (Ubuntu based) because I'm kind of unhappy with Windows 10. I'll be hanging on to Windows 7 as long as I can, but eventually they'll stop supporting it and I'll need to know another OS because windows 10 isn't for me. And I don't see them changing their ways and going in a more customer friendly direction after windows 10. This is microsoft lol. They've always kind of displayed an attitude that suggests they view the customer as more of an obstacle, to put it lightly.

So I'd like to learn Linux. And to help out with the learning curve and make things easy on myself, I've selected Zorin as it is geared towards linux noobs and it does this by closely mimicing windows 7. After a year or two of using Zorin, I might switch to something else like Ubuntu or Mint or Arch. But for now, I'm going to be installing and using Zorin. So like always I'll number my questions so that they're more easily addressed.

1. I got Zorin installed on a spare hard drive, on my gaming rig. Its a Gigabyte brand Z77 motherboard, a GTX 970 graphics card, and an Intel 3570k processor. Well, the video driver is giving me fits. I'm really not sure what exactly is going on here, but it seems like the video driver (or lack thereof) is related. So is UEFI, somehow...I think. Grub and the Windows 7 bootloader don't get along at all. And its a bit of a crapshoot what will happen, every time I turn on the computer. If I leave the Windows 7 HDD plugged in, usually (not always) it will go ahead and just boot windows 7. That's if it doesn't just lock up on the motherboard splash screen. Which you can't do anything with, none of the keys it says you can press for different functions, will work. F12 for boot menu, Delete for Bios, etc. You have to power off the computer when it locks up on the splash screen. OR... you can press the button on the motherboard, which tells it to reset and load optimized defaults. Then, it will go ahead and boot into windows.

But instead if I unplug the W7 drive, and just try to let the Linux drive handle things, typically it will just just lock up on the motherboard splash screen. Unlike with the Windows 7 drive, you almost always have to hit the reset button on the motherboard. Then, you have to hit F12 for the boot options, and tell it to boot using the Linux HDD. Then it will go ahead and boot into the Grub 2 menu, and from there you can choose Zorin, and it will actually boot into the Zorin OS.

So, my question is, why is all of this happening, and how can I fix it? I have been reading some various articles and guides, and it looks like Microsoft just doesn't want to share. Will the Mircrosoft boot loader ever play nice with grub? I doubt that. So can I somehow get grub to be the one that always gets loaded first? That way I could just select W7 if I wanted it. Once I got it all setup and could have the two drives plugged in at the same time, of course. Now, you'd think that the obvious way to fix this would be, to go into the motherboard's Bios and just tell it to always boot the Linux drive first. But for some strange reason, all of my hard drives have completely disappeared from the boot order selector. I'm at a loss when it comes to that. Without the ability to tell the motherboard which one to boot first... I couldn't begin to know where to go from there.

2. Where do I get the Nvidia driver for my GTX 970? I think that having the correct video driver installed, may help out a lot. I've had to take certain steps, just so Zorin will boot at all, because it seems quite upset about not having a video driver for my card. It just gives you that impression, that it would really just rather not work, since there is no video driver. But where do I get it? This is the part that I don't really grasp at all, so if you answer this question, please say step by step how to get the correct driver installed for a GTX 970.

Thanks for reading
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