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Old 04-30-2017, 02:20 PM   #1
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Summer 2017 Party in PA! :)

Hi Folks!

We're going to have another Summer Northeast LN2 get-together and party in PA! We had an outstanding time last year so hopefully this year's will be even better! Meet old and new friends, put faces to the nicks, learn a lot, bench like crazy and generally have a great time. All are welcome!

Based on feedback and last year's experience, this year we'll be holding the party at a venue in downtown Philadelphia. Should make it a lot easier for people who're flying in as well as giving more to do locally for spouses and other not-interested-in-overclocking-but-there-nonetheless people. This year, we'll also be doing 3 full benching days. Hotel check-ins will start Thursday afternoon. The ln2 will be delivered Friday morning and we'll be benching Friday morning through around 5pm on Sunday.

Corsair has once again stepped up and offered to cover the cost of the venue plus plently o' LN2! Thanks out to steponz for getting us hooked up and a HUGE thank you to Corsair for their super-kind support!

Right now, we need to submit a proposal to Corsair for final approval. One of the things that needs to be included is a list of attendees so please visit the main party thread here: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=169397 , take the poll and/or otherwise let me know as soon as possible whether you'll be able to make it. Again...last year was a major blast! Hopefully you'll be there!

Best regards and looking forward to seeing you all,

================================================== =================================================
When: July 14-16 or July 21-23

Where: Have it down to 2 locations. Need to submit our proposal for Corsair's approval. Once that's done, will book the venue and post confirmed dates, location and discounted room rate information.

To help folks save on expenses, please reply in the main hwbot thread letting us know whether you're willing or want to share a room with someone.We'll try to get people matched up.

In order to sign-up, please reply in the main hwbot thread and (as best as possible) include the following information:
- # of attendees- Bringing anyone with you or coming solo?

- Will you need a room? Would you be willing to share a room with another bencher?

- Any equipment you can bring to loan or will need to borrow

- direct link to your hwbot.org profile page (if available)

Any dewars, dispensing hoses, etc people can bring would be great. Just makes things so much easier. I'll bring my dewar, a dispensing hose and some thermoses.

================================================== ================================================== =
Confirmed Attendees (nick, hwbot profile, team):

- funsoul funsoul @ HWBOT Overclockers.com
- steponz steponz @ HWBOT Pure
- jiccman1965 jiccman1965 @ HWBOT Overclockers.com
- Lochekey Lochekey @ HWBOT Overclockers.com
- hotrod717 hotrod717 @ HWBOT Overclockers.com
- rtsurfer http://hwbot.org/user/rtsurfer/ Overclock.net
- Wiggles5289 http://hwbot.org/user/wiggles5289/ Overclock.net
- Strong Island http://hwbot.org/user/strong_island/ Caseking & OcUK OC Team


- Splave http://hwbot.org/user/splave/ Caseking & OcUK OC Team/KPC Pro
- aerotracks http://hwbot.org/user/aerotracks/ Game of Fire
- TURNnBURN http://hwbot.org/user/turnnburn/ Overclockers.com
- filmbot http://hwbot.org/user/filmbot/ ocXtreme
- lnlcooling http://hwbot.org/user/lnlcooling/ Overclockers.com
- MrBreeze http://hwbot.org/user/mrbreeze/ Overclock.net
- GTIJason http://hwbot.org/user/gtijason/ Overclock.net
- Mr.Scott http://hwbot.org/user/mr.scott/ Warp9-systems
- Torin3 http://hwbot.org/user/torin3/ Overclockers.com

(Please note that attendee lists will only be updated on the hwbot thread.)

Confirmed loaner pool items:
- 1x cpu pot (funsoul)
- 1x vga pot (funsoul)
- misc ram (funsoul)
- 1-2 monitors (funsoul)
- 1x 1200watt psus (funsoul)
- 5x usb keyboards and mice (funsoul)
- 1x k-type, dual channel thermometer (funsoul)
- 1x ram pot with all mounting hardware (funsoul)

Loaner Pool Requests:

People who want to or would be willing to share a room with another bencher:

- Corsair http://www.corsair.com/

Last edited by funsoul; 04-30-2017 at 03:10 PM.
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