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Old 05-07-2012, 02:02 PM   #1
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Ubuntu Help Plz

Here's what I want to do I want to take my 16Gb flash drive and repartition it make it 4Gb NTFS so windows can have something to do with it and make the other 12Gb into a Linux install. Is this feasible? How would I do it? My hope was that if I set it up this way and someone finds the drive no big deal cause all they can see is the 4Gb that I won't keep important things in the rest will be hidden in the Linux Distro and If I wanna do some work with it I can do it from any computer in arms reach with no trace.
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I've done it, and it's not an issue. The linux partition(s) will not be hidden per se from windows, but it won't read them. It may even prompt you to format them.

Boot to a live CD of ubuntu or gparted. I can't remember if I setup the drive so it is GPT and not MBR. You may need to, but don't quote me on that. That might be for the MacOS installer and not ubuntu.

Partition the drive so your primary partition is a 4GB FAT32 (yes fat32) partition. (you can fix this later in windows). Really with a 4GB partition you have no reason not to use FAT over NTFS b/c you won't be going over any file size limits and your "data" partition will be readable in linux, mac, windows, etc.

Then in your remaining 12GB of space partition out your OS and SWAP partitions. Try not to use swap much on a flash drive b/c it will decrease the life of your drive significantly. Then install ubuntu and your drive will be bootable, but since your primary partition is windows happy it shouldn't prompt you to format it.


What I ended up doing was using a bootable linux ISO and creating a CD-ROM read only partition on my flash drive and installing the OS to that. Sure you can't make changes to the OS, but it automounts a data partition where all of your stuff is stored. In that I keep a Truecrypt container with all of my data. On an old machine it's kind of slow, but it works alot better and doesn't kill your drive. If you want more details on this method let me know.
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