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SATA AHC1 mode...should I disable this feature in BIOS?

Hi Guys,

Should I enable the SATA AHC1 mode in my BIOS or disable it? Also, how about the SATA PortO-1 Native Mode? I have 2 hard drives and 1 dvd burner and they are all SATA drives. I am running XP pro. My board is listed in my sig below. I will appreciate your feedback! Any info on what these do would be helpful also. I have googled it, but didn't really find the answers I am looking for.

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That depends. That option on Gigabyte boards allows you to select Disabled, RAID or AHCI (Advanced Host Controller Interface). If you're not running your hdds in RAID, then set it to AHCI. Probably wouldn't find much on Google if you spelled it "AHC1". You would disable it altogether only if you were using IDE hdds.

On the SATA Native Mode, you enable it if your OS supports native mode, such as XP or newer. Disable it if you're running an older legacy OS like 9X or ME. Hope that helps.
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If it's already enabled leave it, if your using sata drives, if you intend to reinstall, you will need to install the AHCI driver at f6 if you want to hot plug your sata drives or just set it to ide and native and it should install normally.
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