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iPod Dock not working!

Hey guys,

So I had an Altec Lansing inMotion iM600 ipod dock for a good four years and recently it started freaking out and not working. I can't tell what's wrong with it at all! When I turned it on it would freeze and the lights would indicate that it is on but it wouldn't do anything else. I tried letting the rechargeable battery die out and then using the charger to keep it on. That didn't work either. Today I tried again and it says hPog! on the screen....still doesn't work. If you have any idea what's wrong with it feel free to tell me

Asides from that, I'm looking to buy an iPod dock (if you have one you'd like to sell) but I have no idea what to buy now haha I've had this one for so long I didn't bother looking at other ones. Should I get the same one or is there another iPod dock out there that is capable of:
  1. Playing FM radio
  2. Rechargeable battery for easy portability
  3. Provides awesome quality sound
Help!!!! And thank you!
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