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Bio wat ??
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Quantum Maverick ProDrive-Help Identifing it??

Ok, got this out of a never been used , old system and to my looking at it I thought another IDE ATA HDD, But it wasn't. It has 50 pin ide type interface and a regular power connector.

C/H/S: 270- 944/14/40 540-1049/16/63

Featuring Autotransfer, AutoRead, Autowrite
AIRLOCK, DisCache, DiskWare, Defect-Free Interface, And WriteCache.

Anyone with a clue to what??? The fans that where in it also had no dust on them and looked OUT OF THE BOX NEW 120mm 80CFM x 2, 80mm 50CFM x 4 all NMB brand <--- I do know what this means
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