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Old 07-25-2002, 12:32 AM   #1
Agent K
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Speaker setups

Hi i was just wondering what peoples speaker setups were and what Wattage their speakers can go up too here are the specs of my setup below

2x 5 watt satellite speakers = 10 watt
1x 20 watt subwoofer = 20 watt
2 x 45 watt panasonic RX-CT900 speakers = 45 watt
2x 15 watt speakers = 30 watt

my total speakers output is =105 watt real power and i can add more speakers to my setup if i really want too heaps loud but only problem they are going all into the one sound card port since i havent got my sound blaster Extigy yet!!!
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I'm not sure about real power but I believe my speakers were made by benwin as the model of the speakers is BW-180H. They have 180 watts of power going into them (but likely not going out). They can get really gosh-darn loud though if I crank them all the way up and they get no distortion. They have 4 or 5" woofers (or subwoofers, not sure what type these are exactly) for the bass on the bottom, 1.5" tweeters on top for treble, and a plastic cone to let the bass out next to the tweeters. They were made back in '96 and to keep the sound level quiet enough I only turn em up about 28% of the way (with the volume in windows set to about 80%). They sure are nice.
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5x 200 watt speakers .1x 300 watt woofer.... hmmm my system's surround sound sucks
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