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Old 08-07-2007, 06:51 PM   #1
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Help build non-gaming PC

Well i have been out of this stuff for a couple 2-3 years now and wow am I behind.
Saw this new slot called the AM2 and thought, well that must be brand new. Well it looks over a year old and seems to have taken over as the dominant socket in many ways.


I am going to build a non-gaming computer for my girlfriends mom. It needs to be cheap but reliable. I can probably still manage picking out cases and psus, hdds, ram, etc. without help

But i need some help with what a good motherboard will be (chipset wise and stuff), but still cheap
What video card (type of slot as well)
Do i need a video card? (is onboard video good enough these days for minor games and such)
and what type of procsessor ( I do have this in the AMD section as I have always been an AMD guy, but what about intel. What socket should i go with cost wise, what brand.

This will need to last a couple-few years minimum without changing ANY parts. Then maybe some minor upgrades.

Any help would be great
Maybe i should stick around for a while and read to get caught up in some of the newer stuff
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Lo there!

Well, a good, non gaming computer can be built for peanuts these days. here's an example build that wont break the bank for AMD side, pop the same question in the Intel section and someone should be able to help

Processor: 3800+EE (Energy Efficient) Stupidly cheap & still a great processor for the price
2GB DDR2 Memory, PC400 minimum, again memory is really cheap atm
MSI K9AGM2-FIH Motherboard. Onboard X1250 graphics will do since you dont do games. And it has HDMI out as well, there's a good review here:

That's about it. The rest is up to you really, it does have a PCI-E slot and PCI slots as well for upgrade potential later

Old 08-08-2007, 10:10 AM   #3
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cheap Am2 build

i put together a cheap am2 build from newegg for just over $300
you can switch to a amd am2 3600+ and drop like $70
has onboard video so dont need graphics card

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