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DVI-D Single Link vs Dual Link

I just recently came upon this topic when messing with an old monitor. I found that there's better compatibility with DVI Single Link adapters vs the Dual Link. When using the dual link on my Dell monitor, it only goes to sleep after booting not only a minute. The single link, on the other hand, works perfectly fine.

Anyone else experiencing something similar? This came upon me as a, "could lead to a stressful situation" moment.
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Your Dell monitor cannot handle dual-link or you need drivers for it that can????


The Digital formats are available in DVI-D Single-Link and Dual-Link as well as DVI-I Single-Link and Dual-Link format connectors. These DVI cables send information using a digital information format called TMDS (transition minimized differential signaling). Single link cables use one TMDS 165Mhz transmitter, while dual links use two. The dual link DVI pins effectively double the power of transmission and provide an increase of speed and signal quality; i.e. a DVI single link 60-Hz LCD can display a resolution of 1920 x 1200, while a DVI dual link can display a resolution of 2560 x 1600.

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